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Full Steam Ahead!


We have just finished our 2nd week of teaching for this new school year. All systems are in place and teaching is in full swing in all classes. Most of the teachers have already started the process of continuous assessment to ensure that they know to what extent learners have grasped the new content. Teachers have also aready identified some learners who are working extremely well and some others who are apparently not making any effort at all! We are asking parents to keep a sharp eye on the homework books and to question their children carefully about what they are supposed to be doing for homework. Homework is not intended to teach new concepts but to practice concepts that have been taught in class. Sometimes homework is to prepare for class tests! Please ensure that your child packs his school books, and stationery before coming to school. It is extremely frustrating if a learner says that he/she does not have a pen or pencil or textbook at school!

Merrit Certificates

We are pleased to announce that the first merrit certificates for 2013 will be handed out during chapel tomorrow (Monday 28 January). Each class teacher has identified one learner in her class who was most well behaved during the past two weeks. Some teachers indicated that it was a very difficult decision to identify one learner because there are many learners in their class who are well behaved! We were pleased to hear this. The names of the merrit candidates will be released on this website tomorrow.

Sport Activities

It has been extremely hot this last week and our Junior Phase learners really enjoyed frolicking in the small baby pool next to the big pool. (See our Gallery Page for some photos). Our Senior Phase learners practised for the sports day every morning between 8:00 and 9:00 before the heat of the day. On Friday they ran quite a crueling cross country. Some teachers ran with them. (See photos on the Gallery Page)



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