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Getting to know our Website


A school on the move!

This is the second post in 'a series that describe the various innovative technologies that are utilzed at Sedaven primary School to enhance effective teaching and learning:

The Sedaven Primary School Website is an innovative tool of the modern age that is designed to to be a meaningful two-directional channel of information to and form its audience - the parents, teachers, learners and alumni - of the school. If you take a few minutes to browse the website you will quickly see the purpose of the various sections and website pages, and you will be able to earmark those sections that are of particular relevance to you.

Some specifics

  1. On the Home page the reader will find a colourful picture of some of the learners of the school as well as a friendly invitation to explore the website
  2. The Parents Support page is aimed at parents whose children are  learners of the school. Here specific information about school calendars etc is shared. KEEP A LOOKOUT FOR THE WEEKLY 1-PAGE ARTICLE THAT WILL SURELY INSPIRE YOU!
  3. Under the "Who are We" section you will find a wealth of infor mation about our school.
  4. Finally, the Sedaven Blog - the page on which you are now - is a new addition to our website. Here you will find at least one post per week in which fresh information or learner contributions are shared. The most recent post will always be on top. If you are, for example, reading this post and have not yet read the previous post, you will have to scroll down somewhat to read the post that you are interested in.

We trust that this short little introduction has helped you to understand better how to use the website to improve your understanding of and involvement in the school.

In our next post we will explain briefly about another innovative technology, namely Mathletics.



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