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No Smoking!


Smoking has always been considered a major offence at Seventh-day Adventist schools. In spite of this, we do from time to time find young boys who experiment with smoking. We always view this in a serious light. We trust that parents also do their best to educate their children not to get caught up in this ugly habit. The following article explains something about the history of this habit and also gives some interesting facts about smoking:

SMOKING - Father of the modern cigarette

This is a very interesting article relating how James Buchanan Duke not only helped to create the modern cigarette, but how he also pioneered the marketing and distribution systems that have led to its success on every continent.

Cigarettes were in fact promoted as beneficial for health. They were listed in pharmaceutical encyclopaedias until 1906 and prescribed by doctors for coughs, colds and tuberculosis (a disease which the World Health Organization now links with tobacco).

US surgeon Alton Ochsner recalled that when he was a medical student in 1919 his class was summoned to observe an autopsy of a lung cancer victim. At that time, the disease was so rare it was thought unlikely the students would ever get another chance. But by the year 2000, it was estimated that 1.1 million people were dying annually from the disease, with about 85% of those cases stemming from a single cause - tobacco.

Robert Proctor of Stanford University maintains that, "The cigarette is the deadliest artefact in the history of human civilisation and it has killed about 100m people in the 20th Century."

Jordan Goodman, the author of Tobacco in History, says he is confident saying that James Buchanan Duke was responsible for the 20th Century phenomenon known as the cigarette. "He was both a hero and a villain I suppose. Duke is a hero in terms of his understanding of the market, his understanding of human psychology, his understanding of pricing, his understanding of advertising. He's not villainous in that sense."

Yet however great Duke's achievements as an architect of mass-production and globalisation, his legend will continue to be eclipsed by his controversial creation.

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