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Our teaching staff spent some time yesterday to do a SWOT-analyis of our school in 2013. In this analysis we followed the acronym SWOT. 

S - is for strengths     W - is for weaknesses     O - is for opportunities     T - is for threats

A full report on the outcome will be rendered to the School board and published in due time. For now we would like to mention just a few of the main conclusions:

As far as our Strengths are concerned the staff reached concensus on the following: Commitment of teachers, excellent qualifications, sound finances, availability of innovative technology, small classes and good school transport.

As weaknesses the staff identified the lack of a good library, lack of good sporting facilities and lack of a proper staff room

The most important threats for now is the down-turn in the economy which makes it very difficult for parents to afford our quality education

The most important opportunities that have come into our radar since the beginning of this year is the new school bus that will now make it possible to go on educational trips and even to get to some sporting facilities which we don't have for ourselves right now.

These, and some other, strengths, weaknesses opportunities and threats will be kept in mind as we now enter on the re-formulation of our long term strategic plan.

Parents and others are invited to contribute to this discussion and to become involved in our planning for the future.



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