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Innovative Technology


A school on the move!

This is the first in a short series of posts that explains the innovative technologies that are utilized to enhance effective teaching and learning

Introducing new technologies

Sedaven Primary School has committed itself to utilize innovative technologies to enhance it's teaching success. A number of such technologies - old and new - have been introduced to the Sedaven Primary school technology "dashboard" since 2012. These technologies will be explained in greater detail in a series of posts that will follow from now on.

Website utilization

One of the many technolgies that have become part of the Sedaven Primary "dashboard" is the school website. The school has had a functional website for some years now, but towards the end of 2012 it was decided to give the website a "facelift" and to make it more user friendly and to focus on presenting information that is relevant and meaningful on each page.

The revised website has the following aims:

  1. Provide information to help interested parents decide whether they would like to enrol their child/ren at Sedaven Primary School
  2. Provide information to existing parents about calendar events as well as changes in policies etc.
  3. Be a "window to the world" to display something of the beauty and character of Sedaven Primary School
  4. Provide information to parents and teachers that will help them to grow professionally and to better understand what true education is about.
  5. Serve as a forum and window to publish outstanding pieces of learner's work - thus giving them an audience that is much wider than just the school community.
In a following post we will explain in greater detail how the Sedaven Primary School Website manages to achieve the above aims.
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