Sedaven Primary School Admissions Policy (Unabriged)

1.  Aims

 This policy has the following aims:

  • To ensure that there is no unfair discrimination in the admission of learners.
  • To ensure that no learner is unlawfully refused admission.
  • To ensure that the administrative procedures for admission are clearly defined.

 2.  A Distinctive type of Education

 2.1   An independent school

Sedaven Primary School is an independent school operated by the Seventh-day Adventist church in South Africa. The purpose of the school is to offer a distinctive type of education that is in line with the educational ideals of the Seventh-day Adventist church. 

 2.2   Some similarities and differences between the educational ideals of the Department of Education (DoE) and the Seventh-day Adventist Church

There are similarities and differences between the educational ideals of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and that of the South African Department of Education.

 One significant similarity

Both entities, e.g. would strive to educate learners to be responsible citizens of the globalised society in which we live today. This implies having the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes not only to survive, but also to make a positive contribution towards said society.

One significant difference

The essential difference between the two entities lies in the fact that the DoE (in public schools) attempts to achieve its educational ideals from a secular point of departure, whereas the Adventist church, through its educational institutions, attempts to do it from a religious and theistic point of departure.


2.3   Key Aspects of the Adventist Educational Philosophy

Adventist educational philosophy’s view of man holds that it is impossible to separate man into different compartments. One can at best distinguish different aspects (physical, social, spiritual, intellectual) in the nature of man, but these aspects can never be dealt with in isolation of one another.

It is for this very reason (amongst many others) that the Adventist Church places a very high premium on its right to educate its children in an environment where full integration of faith and learning can take place and where there is no effort to separate the sacred from the secular as is legislated in state schools.

 It is against this philosophical backdrop that Sedaven Primary School holds the following admissions policy:

3.   The admission of learners to Sedaven Primary School



Any learner who is willing and able to benefit from the distinct education offered by Sedaven Primary School will have an equal chance to be admitted to the School and to benefit from all of the school programmes



No learner will be denied admission on the basis of his or her race, colour, creed, religious background or any other form of discrimination.

 The following qualifications to the above policy statements should be noted:

Parents will be expected to explain this to their child and indicate in signing (as part of the Application Form) that they :

  • Understand the philosophical base from which education at Sedaven takes place and especially that they
  • Understand the integration of faith and learning that takes place in all school programmes
  • Desire this distinctive type of education, and that they are willing to submit themselves to the School’s Rules and Code of Conduct as published in a separate policy document.
  • ]Understand that the School will not excuse learners from Religion (Bible) classes and/or religious exercises because they or their parents hold to different beliefs than that espoused by the School.

1.      School Fees

 Sedaven Primary School is registered as a non-profit making Independent school. As such it receives limited financial grants from Government. The school also receives a limited financial subsidy from its mother organisation, the Seventh-day Adventist Church. For the greatest part, however, the school is dependent on income from school fees.

 Parents who desire the distinctive type of education offered by Sedaven Primary School enter into a legally binding financial contract with the school in which they undertake to pay the published school fees in advance.

Parents who are not able to keep their school accounts current will be required to withdraw their children and will be advised to rather place them in a public school where the school fees are much more affordable and where provision is made by legislation to assist parents who cannot afford to pay the required school fund.

 5.  Admissions Procedures

 5.1   Responsibility

 The School management and the teaching staff deal with the registration of learners during the beginning of each and every year.  

 An admissions register is kept by the Principal, and contains all the relevant information of the learners.

 5.2   Admission of learners

 The following documents are required: 

  • The learners’ last report card.
  • Identity Document or Passport of learner and Parent.
  • Application form duly signed by parent or legal guardian.

 Learners who have taken transfers from other institutions are required to avail the following documents:

  • Application form filled and signed by parent or legal guardian.
  • Report Form of previous grade.
  • Transfer card from previous school.
  • If neither of the above is available a written affidavit of the parent stating why the learner does not have the transfer letter and the grade the learner attended at the previous school.

 5.3     Admission of Learners with Special Needs

Wherever reasonably possible the school will admit learners with special educational needs.

Where the necessary support, which would facilitate the integration of a learner, cannot be provided, the principal will refer the application to the Head of Department to have the learner admitted to a suitable public school in the province or to a school in another province.

 5.4  Assessment op Learners

 Learners will be assessed before being registered at Sedaven Primary School.  If evident, after assessment, that the learner cannot be placed in the grade applied for, the learner will be placed in the recommended grade. A letter of consent to this effect will be required from the parent.  Parents have the right to disagree and enrol their child in a school of their preference or choice.

5.5      Closing Date

 No closing date for registration is set. The school has limited space and facilities and no new registrations will be accepted when all the spaces have been taken up. Learners whose applications are received after all spaces have been allocated will be put on a waiting list and/or advised to apply at a suitable public school.

6.  Removal of learners from the admissions register

 The name of the learner will be removed from the School’s admission register when the learner:

6.1   Leaves the school after completing the highest grade at the school.

6.2   Applies for a transfer to another school and the transfer is affected.

6.3   Is expelled in terms of the procedures outlined in SASA.

6.4   Dies.

7.  Repetition of learners

 7.1   A learner who has repeated one or more times at the school will be

        exempted from the age norm.

7.2    But if such a learner is three years older than the norm grade, the HOD

  will determine whether that learner will be admitted to that grade.

7.3    Learners will only repeat one year per phase, unless otherwise advised by the HoD

8.  Feeder Zone

Sedaven Primary School has no predetermined feeder zone.

9.  Right to appeal

Any learner who has been refused admission to the school may lodge an appeal with the Office.

10.  Recruitment

The school will take the following action in order to recruit learners from the community.

9.1   Advertisements in the local media

9.2   Annual open days when grade R’s from the schools in town are invited to come to Sedaven Primary School for first-hand information about the school.

1 Note: The school does allow Muslim learners to attend their 12:00 religious exercises on Fridays. This implies that such learners are excused from the last two school periods on a Friday on condition that the onus is on them to find out from the educators what work was covered and that they make up that work in their own time.


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