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Detention classes


We wish that all our learners were little "angels" who never need to be disciplined or correcte! Unfortunately this is an ideal that we will only reach in heaven. In years gone by teachers often used (even abused) some kind o corporal punishment to make unruly behaviour unacceptable for learners. These day teachers have to find other ways to do this. One of the ways that we have been following at Sedaven Primary School is to keep undiscipline learners in class when the others went to their sports period. At first this seemed to work well, but these days some learners seem to even prefer doing sports detention rather than doing sports!

We have now decided to institute a Friday Afternoon detention class in an effort to dissuade learners from disruptive and/or unacceptable behaviour. Day scholars will thus forfeit their transport. The system will work as follows:

  • When a learner has had two or more warnings for undisciplined behaviour he/she wil be placed on 'sport detention'. Parents will be notified that he/she is now in the 'detention zone' and we would expect parents to talk seriously to their child and encourage him to behave.
  • If in the next week the same learner again misbehaves he/she will be put on Friday afternoon detention.
  • Parents will be notified by the Thursday so that they can make alternate transport arrangements.
  • The school will transport detention learners into Heidelberg at 16:00 and parents may be able to collect them from there.
  • If a learner lands repeatedly in the Friday afternoon detention parents will be called to school for consultation and to make alternate arrangements for discipline

We trust that our parents will support this initiative and help us manage the unruly ones!



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