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Staff News

from the beginning of 2014 we have had a surprising number of changes and developments around our Sedaven Primary teachers.

Towards the end of 2013 we heard the sad news that one of our long serving and much beloved teachers, Mrs. Lalie Jacobs had been diagnosed with cancer of the glands. This led to her having to go on extended sick leave and we had to find a replacemenct for her in the person of Ms. K. van Zyl who is now doing a sterling job with the Afrikaans lessons.

A day or so before the school started for the first quarter Ms. Linda Griffiths accepted a post at another school and that put us into another dilemma. Fortunately we were able to procure the services of Mr. Antony Pantalone who proved to be an excellent teacher and who made a significant contribution to our sports activities - coaching and running long distances with the learners. He also inspired many of our learners to love rather than hate Mathematics.

In the mean time Mrs. Lalie Jacobs miraculously recovered from the the onslaught of the cancer and we are very happy to welcome her back into full time teaching. She will be taking over the grade 5 register class and most of the subjects that Dr. Pantalone was responsible for. We appreciate the fact that Dr. Pantalone helped us out for the first quarter and we wish him God's richest blessings in his new venture in a far away land.

The other good news is that a beautiful young baby boy - Paul Junior - was born to mrs. Grace Muroyiwa . She has now completed her 4 months maternity leave and will be back in the class room this 2nd quarter. And now Mrs. Rita Fourie is on Maternity leave having given birth to a beautiful girl on the last day of the first quarter.The interesting thing is that both the Doctor and the parents were caught by complete surprise when a girl was born rather than a boy as was firmly expected!  We congratulate both these teachers with their beautiful new babies and we pray and believe that God will carry and support them in the challenge of bringing up these children to love and to serve Him.

Sadly we are also saying good bye to Ms. Juanita van Zyl, out assistant teacher in grade 2. She has also accepted a teaching position elsewhere. We are in the process of negotiating with another teacher and we will make the proper announcement as soon as arrangements have been finalised.

The important point, however, is that we have always had a full complement of staff members in the classes despite many unforeseen changes. This is also true for the 2nd quarter starting tomorrow, 5 May 2014



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