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Staff and Supervision

A dormitory preceptor/preceptress takes care of the dormitory learners after school hours and during in-weekends. 

Dormitory Programme

Dormitory learners attend the afternoon (after-care) study programme from 2:00 to 4:00. During this time a teacher / appointed supervisor is on duty to ensure that discipline is maintained and that learners can do their homework. A similar study period is also scheduled for Sunday mornings (10:00 - 12:00) It is understood that no after-care, recreation or study periods are arranged on out-weekends)

Learners are expected to clean their own rooms and personal space. On Sunday mornings a special work programme is supervised by a designated teacher during which the rooms must be cleaned very thoroughly and be ready for inspection.

On Friday evenings a special spiritually based program is organized and on Saturday evenings a structured recreation activity. On Sabbath learners attend Sabbathschool and Church.


Meals are taken in a special diningroom in the school building. Tasty and nutritious (vegetarian) meals are prepared by Mrs. H. Van den Bergh who does it with commitment and love in her heart for the children. Meals are a happy and relaxed time but discipline is always maintained by the supervising staff.

Learners are responsible to wash-up their own dishes after every meal. Learners will not be allowed to eat in their rooms.

 Forbidden Items

 NO radios, I-pods, MP-3 players, CD players etc. are allowed.  Please keep in mind that cell-phones and pocket money sometimes "disappear". Please counsel your child to be very careful. The school will not accept liabilty for lost items.(See specific rules below)

 Medical Emergencies

All medical emergencies will be handled through the office and parents will be charged for transport, doctor’s appointment and medication.  If however a learner is ill over a weekend, the parent will be contacted to take him/her to the doctor.  If an appointment is made for a learner and not kept, the parent will be held responsible for all expenses.

 What to bring to the Dormitory

  •  School uniform
  • Church Uniform (See School Uniform page)
  • Casual Uniform  (See School Uniform page)
  • Clothing-pegs
  • Clothes-hangers x 20 – To stay in dormitory
  • Torch
  • Double adaptor
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Bedding (sheets, blankets or duvet, pillows)
  • Toiletries: shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, face cloth (stock for at least one month at a time)
  • Black shoe polish: shoe shine
  • Shoes: school, church, sneakers/tekkies, slops.  Only 4 pair.
  • Bible and Seventh Day Adventist hymnal. (may order from office)
  • Swimming costume (black full body), sunscreen and sun hat
  • Towels x 2
  • Washing powder or Sunlight soap to wash personal items.
  • Basic medicine: e.g. Disprins, Valoid, Chamberlain’s Colic and Diarrhoea, Immodium, Grippons
  • Band-Aid strips
  • Marked laundry bag
  • A positive attitude, good manners and a nice smile.


"Town Trips"

Because of logistical problems ths scool no longer provides "town trips". Learners go home every second weekend and it is expected that they will then purchase whatever items they need for the next two weeks

Gr 1 and 2 boarders have to go home every weekend.  It is compulsory!! Because they are so young they need to see their families more often.

Pocket Money

Pocket money must be paid in at the school office. Learners may withdraw money from the bookkeeper as necessary for special purposes. Keep in mind that there are no 'town trips'. There is thus very little need for pocket money!

Specific dormitory rules can be read HERE or return to WHO WE ARE

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